Sunday, April 25, 2010

The wonderful world of they don't know shit.

Regina was at Kosair for about 4 days until yesterday. I took her to the GI doctor around Monday or Tuesday because I wanted to find out why she constantly spits we went to Kosair and there were tests being done..she was on the IV for about 24 hours so she couldn't spit that up, so she gained almost a pound. Without waiting for the results of the test (which said it takes forever for stomach to process the contents and she DOES have reflux) they contacted CPS, claiming that I was at fault for her weight problem. If I brought her there for that very reason, wouldn't you think that I was TRYING to help her and not the cause for her "failure to thrive"? Now they have medical documents that say she DOES have medical problems that cause it, and nobody apologized for contacting CPS without ruling out the medical stuff first. Now I am at home and gotta wait for a visit from some stupid idiot to question me on my parenting and crap. I have all the medical files showing what was wrong, a list of all the professionals that visit and know I do what I can, and when this lady/guy shows up...I'll be ready to shove the files in their face and tell them to go to hell. But in a nice way, of course. Regina has had 3 BM's today, which is a rarity, and she has only spat up a little bit today. Life is alright, and it will be grand when I've dealt with the damn CPS people.

Like I said to the doctors and nurses: If I was the reason for her problem to gain weight, wouldn't I be against having several therapists (Physical, Speech, Developmental, Dietician, Occupational, Family) come into our home and check her weight and development? Wouldn't I have stayed home instead of taking her to a specialist and then the hospital for tests? 

Also, if I brought her in BECAUSE she was having problems gaining weight, wouldn't you try to find out why she was constantly spitting up? The nurses had to change her bedding a million times, the people in Radiology doing X-rays had to help me because she spat up ALL over me and I was almost in tears trying to clean us both up, and I had to change her clothes and gowns quite frequently due to her constant spitting up. Why would you try to blame the parent KNOWING that there is visual proof that she can't keep down much food? The main doctor that was assigned to her tried to claim that they were trying to follow protocol, that they were trying to rule out ALL possibilities, but if they were trying to rule out all possibilities, wouldn't you wait to see how the medical tests come back first before jumping at the chance to call CPS? I am in no way shape or form worried or afraid of CPS visiting....I have never received a complaint or visit from CPS, and it is because the people that see us both on a regular basis know that I do what I need to do and then some. The issue that I have is this: I feel like it's a slap in the face, all of the hoops that I jump through, all of the therapists I have requested to come in our home, the endless appointments I take her to, feels that all of the things that I do to give her what she needs and more has amounted to nothing. I did what I was supposed to do as a parent...I took her to the doctor to get her the medical care she needs....and this is what I get in return??? I did what I was supposed to, and I feel like this is some punishment, and it feels totally ass-backwards. Ugh

Anyway. I hope to get this person out off our hair so that I can continue to focus on Regina's needs, and not on proving that I am an outstanding parent.

My suggestion? Anytime you take your child to the hospital for ANY reason whatsoever, be prepared with a list of ALL personal or professional people that can tell them in any case that you do what you are supposed to. If it is a case of your child not being able to gain as much weight as you would like, bring ALL records of weigh-ins for the past year so that you CAN prove that your child has gained (and, unfortunately, lost) and then gained weight again under your care. Be prepared to prove that your child DOES thrive. These are all necessary steps that you should take so that not only have you covered all of your bases, but they also have solid information to go on in order to better care for your child and to show that you are doing what you are supposed to.

Another suggestion is: Don't go to Kosair Children's Hospital. Not only are they quick to point fingers at the people who are trying to help them, but the care that THEY give is shameful and pathetic. One night Regina was messing with the IV thing in her arm, and I called the nurse and asked for their assistance....They said they would send someone right down. We waited about 45 minutes or so before wrapping a diaper around it....We walked out for about 10 minutes and when we came back, the nurse had yet to show up. When Regina spat up one morning, I asked them for help, and they said they'd be right there....I waited for quite a while and ended up taking off the dirty bedding myself and the nurse NEVER came to put fresh sheets down. 

*End Rant*