Thursday, December 1, 2016

Christmas toppers/general polishes Haul!

Today's brief swatches are on Wet n Wild's "French White Creme", Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear in "Blue Boom" and "Disco Ball", pop-arazzi's Pop FX "Star Shine" and "Reach for the Stars", and Essie's luxe effects in "set in stones". The images don't do them justice, but I think you will get a good enough idea on the lovely sparkles, shines, and overall glitteriness.

(here is a close-up on Disco Ball, as the white print made it difficult to read.)

(sorry for the blurry image. this is French White Creme, next to it is Blue Bloom, and then Set in Stones.)

Here you have very different formulas and types of glitter/sparkle. 
       On the right is pop-arazzi in "Star Shine". Star Shine is amazing with it's tiny circular holographic glitter and large hexagon-shaped holographic glitter. (This image is blurry because of the massive amount of holographic-ness going on in the whole frame. At the end, I will show brief videos of all the formulas up close.) The consistency of the polish itself is thin and "gloopy"...but this polish is best as a light topper with fewer glitters on the nail bed, or even better, painted on a sponge and dabbed on multiple times until you reach the desired amount of holographic heaven. You will thank me later, if you use the second method. Particularly if you do that as an accent nail to less flashy digits. 
           In the middle is SH's "Disco Ball", and contains very fine holographic glitters in a clear polish. The polish itself is much more manageable and can be painted on a single nail multiple times, to your desired glittery goodness (with several minutes in between coats) without fear of the dreaded "never-gonna-dry". 
On the far left is pop-arazzi's "Reach for the Stars". This polish has a gloopy consistency (if you are trying to get more stars) similar to Star Shine. This polish is a kind of champagne shimmer with a shifting hint of white, with tiny circular holographic glitter and medium-sized silver holographic stars. I adore this polish as much as Star Shine.

             Second from the right is Essie's "set in stones". The is a clear polish with very chunky silver glitter. There isn't much I can say about it, as the consistency is manageable and the distribution of glitter is very good. I dig it.
             Third from the right is SH's "Blue Boom". This polish is a dark yet fairly tinted with silver holographic mylar strips and a lot of tiny silver holographic glittery specks. This is a tinted polish, so 2-3 coats can likely give more opacity.
             On the left is a creamy white polish with a consistency similar to white-out. I personally got it to stamp on with blues, reds, and other winter-y colors, or to stamp on with an attempt to mimic a coloring page, which is often referred to as "leadlighting".

    Overall, I think that these polishes were quite a find. I am not disappointed by any of them. I got them all at CVS, but most of these can be available at a number of stores that carry nail polish. At CVS, I got them all at a card-discount rate of about $19 including tax. The Sally Hansen polishes usually sell for $2.99, pop-arazzi sell 2 for $5, and the Essie sells for $9. That was my first purchase of Essie, seeing as how the price is kind of steep for me. I caved and bought it to revel in the holiday feels. Please watch the videos below with the volume turned off, as I had a documentary playing and didn't realize how loud it was with my headphones lol.