Friday, February 12, 2010

Personal Blog; Controversial.

I was looking through my online guide to record some stuff for after the Olympics..and I stumbled upon a true gem. The NAACP IMAGE AWARDS. Basically, the NAACP feel that although there have been several black people who have won awards along the years, and they want the chance to be created they now have an award show SPECIFICALLY and SOLELY for African-Americans. Way to segregate yourselves from all other races. It's wonderful to know that all the fighting and taking a stand against not being allowed somewhere because of the color of your skin has all amounted to: many many different races not being allowed somewhere because of the color of their skin.
I would love to see all hell break loose if someone decided to create an awards show specifically for white people. It'd be so different then. You can't even deny it. You can't ask for special treatment if your ancestors have fought, and you have fought, for equality. You can't pick both at different times. One or the other, people.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Stuff: MAC Spring Colour Forecast!


And a close photo:

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