Thursday, December 31, 2009

Being a Mother.....

Is sometimes very difficult to cope with. There are the moments during the day that I find myself grinning from ear to ear because Regina has done another unexpected adorable thing (bouncing up and down with her toy guitar while the music mode plays, giving me kisses instead of the usual run and hide, etc.)....and then there are moments where I would love to yank my hair out because she is still awake at 1 in the morning screaming and squawking. And of course, I can't forget the constant appointment scheduling, and because of said appointments, I also have to schedule rides to and from through her Passport.

It's an ongoing headache, but thankfully, the moments I first listed come around often enough to continually remind me to take a long breath and remember why I do all of this. I chose to keep this beautiful baby girl for a reason. When even my church tried to push me into giving my daughter up for adoption, I was seconds away from spitting in their face. I had never had a child before, and the father being out of the picture was not going to stop me from facing the inevitably huge responsibility. In the long run, I would reap many rewards, mostly involving my character, morale and ability to take responsibility of someone other than myself. How could I honestly give something like that to a complete and total stranger? I wouldn't trust anyone other than myself to give my daughter everything she needs, not even my mother. No offense, but mother knows best, not grandmother or whoever else that claims they can handle it.

While I was pregnant with Regina, I never had a clue what I was in for. The doctor I went to did not do enough testing and didn't even give me more than one ultrasound! I didn't know Regina had Down Syndrome until AFTER she was born. When she was born, I believe (from what I remember...I had an epidural and forgot to keep pushing the I was still in a lot of pain) my blood pressure dropped so much that they had to put an oxygen mask on my face. They immediately took Regina out of the room and when someone came back to give me the status, they told me she was going to need to be transferred over to Kosair Children's Hospital. They said that she needed to be hooked up to oxygen, given antibiotics, put under a billy light, be fed through a tube, etc. etc. She was in the NICU for 20 days.

When they told me that she had Down Syndrome, I was just happy to hear that she was alive and breathing, even with a little bit of assistance. The nurses told the friends that had taken me to the hospital that they didn't think I understood the full extent of Regina's disability. I was disgusted. My daughter had a disability, but was not physically impaired, blind, deaf, etc. etc., so she was NORMAL in my eyes. My youngest brother, Toby (short for Tobias), is borderline Autistic, so I believe to this day that that was what prepared me for Regina's disability. I think that it was fate. Whether it be God's will or just the world's way of preparing me, I am still happy that I got to experience a lot of the same with my brother so that I could be a more patient and more loving and more understanding mother. That is why I didn't want to give her away. Because I knew that at some point or another, I was going to be given the opportunity to teach someone else how to sit, stand, walk, talk, stand up for themselves, and to be whoever they want to be. Fortunately, I had a tough childhood. I say fortunately because I knew growing up that I would raise my child completely different. I would stand by my child no matter what, and support her in any way possible.

This past March, in 2009, Regina had to go in for open heart surgery. That was probably the hardest thing I ever had to go through/deal with in my entire life, besides her time spent in the NICU. She had her surgery on the same day as Robin Williams (little random fact...I found it very weird because her surgery originally was a different day, but when they rescheduled, it was on the same day he had his heart surgery...). I didn't think it was going to be as hard as it really was. I had no idea what I was in for. I was in the waiting room for hours on end, and then she was transferred to the ICU. When I first walked into that room.....I dropped everything, some stuff fell on the floor and I didn't care because I was in so much shock from what I saw in front of me. My daughter, lying there, hooked up to everything under the sun, her skin orange from the disinfectant...stitches from the GI tubes...I was horrified...and I immediately started crying. I don't even remember if I showered while I stayed there, I was so worried about her. When she finally came to, because of the tube they had down her throat for so long, her cries were so heart wrenching....I had never heard her cry like that before, and never want to again. We were in that hospital for about a week or so.

I have been writing for a good 30 minutes to an hour, so I will write more later. I hope you all enjoy this story, as it comes from my heart and I mean every word.

Apparently she wants to be a model, gymnast AND musician! ;)



Monday, December 28, 2009

Motherly Post

Sunday, December 27, 2009

REVIEWS: Jeans and Detangler

Dereon Ds Studded Skinny Jeans:

I bought the Dereon Studded Skinny Jeans, and although they were supposed to be my size, the waist is a little small for a supposed size 16 pair of jeans. I loved the comfortable feel on my legs, as I am pretty used to bootcut, I adored the snug fit around my legs for once. I found out after a few minutes of wearing, that the studs kept falling off. I then examined the area to find that the studs are added with a cheap glue. Whoever designed these jeans did NOT think ahead. They should have added studs that went through the fabric, and had some material covering the parts on the inside. With that said, if they are putting big price tags on these clothes, then they should go the extra mile to prevent the quality from being compared to Walmart clothes. Maybe Beyonce should also consider sticking to music.
Rating: 1 Star. 

Johnson's Buddies Detangler:

I had already tried the No-Slip Soap with my daughter, and adore the conditioner, and decided to try this spray. I was loving the smell and the shape/color of the bottle. I was eager to try this new spray because Regina, my daughter, gets really tangly hair in the back and she gets mad when I try to tame it. I sprayed it on and as I tried to comb through, I regretted forking over the extra money for this top brand. It didn't work. I hated it. I ended up buying some from Loreal and Suave, WAY cheaper, and it worked much better. Don't waste your time trying to find it, and don't waste your money on this. You can get better.
Rating: 1/2 Star

REVIEWS: Continued Lipgloss Attack!

CoverGirl Wetslicks Fruit Spritzers: I was kind of disappointed by the taste of "Guava Splash", but I hope that the other flavors are at least half good. I like the feel of it on my lips, and the color looks alright. I would probably give this 2 1/2 stars.

Tutti Dolci's Mango Sorbetto tastes delicious. I got two tubes of this stuff, and both are almost completely empty, I bought them at the beginning of this year. The glittery gloss is awesome looking, but not too out there.
3 1/2 Stars.

CO Bigelow's Winter Cordials has 4 different flavors, and Triple Hot Chocolate, to the left, is one of the best out of all 4. The glitter wasn't captured right in this picture, but it looks nice in person.
4 Stars

REVIEW: MAC Dazzleglass in Steppin' Out

I had never tried any MAC products until I tried this several months ago. I am not a big fan of the sticky-ness on my lips, but the color is amazing, and I am glad that I purchased this. I believe it is shot either with a pink NYX lipstick, or with MAC's Pink Poodle gloss. Either way, it looks amazing. If you want the gloss to stay for a decent period of time, the stickiness probably helps with that. If you prefer a smooth feel, then a lipglass is much better. Pink Poodle is a wonderful shade of pink, and you can always mix it with something else to get a nice glittery look with the wonderful pouty pink.

Price: $18.00 @ MAC Cosmetics
Rating: *** Three Stars!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

I'm Late....

Happy Belated Christmas!!!!!! I hope you all enjoyed yourselves, and that it was very merry!

Photos from yesterday:

No makeup...scary!

Anywho....I plan on updating with the other Detangling spray and maybe even a gloss or two sometime today or tomorrow I think...Check it out later!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

REVIEW: Suave Kids Detangling Spray in Double Dutch Apple

Price: $2.49 @ Hocks
Found at: Kroger

I'm not a big fan of suave products, because you get what you pay for, right? This is pretty darn cheap, so I was afraid that I wouldn't get what I aimed for but glad I didn't fork out that much cash for it. I bought it for my daughter. Her hair gets SO tangled in the back and she hates when I brush her hair, because it hurts her. So I had been testing a few sprays, and when I tried this one out....I loved it! The smell isn't overpowering, and I didn't have to tug on the brush in order to get it through her hair. If you liberally spray your child's hair with this, then you will get the pay off. Don't be afraid! It comes in a whopping 10.5 fl oz. bottle, so it's not like you're wasting anything. Your child will thank you, and look much more adorable. Go and buy this now!

My Rating: **** 4 Stars
My Suggestion: If you want to save some money, but are tired of hearing your kid cry when you comb their hair, you gotta buy this!

COMING UP NEXT: Johnson's Buddies Easy-Comb Detangler
POSTPONED: Loreal Double Extend Lash Serum. (It is a long process and I will be updating in a few weeks with before and after pictures :) )



Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Coming Up: 2 Beauty/Health Reviews

I will be reviewing the following products soon:

-L'oreal Paris Double Extend with Lash Boosting Serum and Mascara


-Suave Kids Detangling Spray in Double Dutch Apple

Feel free to give me your thoughts on either product right now. I've already tried the Suave spray, but not yet the serum. I am looking forward to it, as I have not tried anything when it comes to extending my eyelashes :)


The Mommy in Me, My Message

Hey, my name is Paloma, and I am a single stay at home mother of one little girl named Regina. She is my world, and she happens to have Down Syndrome. This makes my...OUR world, a little bit more complicated. With that said, she is a wonderful little girl, first and foremost. I am starting this blog to show just how different each child, Down Syndrome or not, can be. Regina may be loving, but she also has other sides to her. The goofball, the adventurer, the gymnast, the bratty little kiddo, and the sweetie pie. I will also be talking about about everyday stresses that come with being a mother, single woman, dealing with crazy roommates, and a clueless landlord. We as parents need to find a common bond OTHER than our children, and need to identify what separates us from some parents as well as some childless people. We are individuals. All of us. Children, Parents, People in general. We must find something in ourselves that make us burst with joy when we are not with our kids. If we cannot find something that makes us that happy, then what happens when our children leave home and/or go to college? I hope that you're prepared for the crazy and bumpy ride that is my life, and could very well be just what you are going through at this very moment. so, how about it, are you ready?


My name is Paloma, and I live in Kentucky. I have a 2 year old daughter named Regina, and I am a single stay at home mother. I am a makeup/nail polish/book/gadget addict! You will get a lot of Movie/Makeup/Baby Product/Misc. Reviews, as well as life updates.

I currently am a part of a website called, which sends out information and samples on new products for you to share with friends and family. I will probably do reviews for their stuff on here as well.

I am, unfortunately, not paid for the reviews I do. I have plenty of time to spare, so if you would like for me to review something, I will take it upon serious consideration. Please enjoy, and tell your friends about this new Blog!