Monday, December 28, 2009

Motherly Post

So, about 5 O'clock this morning, I had to wake up and pack some stuff for my daughters surgery. Regina was to get tubes put in her ears in order to drain out any fluids. We got there at around 5:45, and they took us into a room at around 6:15 or so. About 6 different people came in to ask the same questions over and over (allergies, if she'd eaten, etc. etc.) and at around 7 or 7:10ish, they gave Regina this medicine to make her all loopy. She started choking on the liquid, and at first, the nurse who gave it to her tried to play it off like it was just her reaction to the bad taste. Riiiiiight. So if Regina is coughing/gagging so many times that there is no time in between for her to breath, I believe that is called choking. Anywho, with or without the nurses agreement, I immediately started patting her on the back until she started breathing properly. One of the other ladies who was going to help with the surgery came in, and I was weirded out by the faces she was making. When she walked in, she had all teeth bared, almost as though she had tasted something funky or was trying to get her teeth whitened or was a weird looking smile or something, and until she left the room, that was the expression she made the entire time. It was probably a medical condition or something, but I was like O_o Anyways, when Regina came out from the recovery room at around 8-8:15, she was still pretty out of it so I laid her gently in the car seat and we left. We stopped at Burger King for some breakfast and when we got home, we all passed out. I didn't get to sleep last night til around it was a fun morning ;)

All is ok...I have given Regina some Tylenol drops, and other than the point before I gave her the drops when she was whining every time I gave her a spoonful of oatmeal, she was alright.


  1. Thanks, Janice, she is still doing fine....she had some goop in her ears, but I cleaned out some of it. gross. lol