Sunday, December 27, 2009

REVIEWS: Jeans and Detangler

Dereon Ds Studded Skinny Jeans:

I bought the Dereon Studded Skinny Jeans, and although they were supposed to be my size, the waist is a little small for a supposed size 16 pair of jeans. I loved the comfortable feel on my legs, as I am pretty used to bootcut, I adored the snug fit around my legs for once. I found out after a few minutes of wearing, that the studs kept falling off. I then examined the area to find that the studs are added with a cheap glue. Whoever designed these jeans did NOT think ahead. They should have added studs that went through the fabric, and had some material covering the parts on the inside. With that said, if they are putting big price tags on these clothes, then they should go the extra mile to prevent the quality from being compared to Walmart clothes. Maybe Beyonce should also consider sticking to music.
Rating: 1 Star. 

Johnson's Buddies Detangler:

I had already tried the No-Slip Soap with my daughter, and adore the conditioner, and decided to try this spray. I was loving the smell and the shape/color of the bottle. I was eager to try this new spray because Regina, my daughter, gets really tangly hair in the back and she gets mad when I try to tame it. I sprayed it on and as I tried to comb through, I regretted forking over the extra money for this top brand. It didn't work. I hated it. I ended up buying some from Loreal and Suave, WAY cheaper, and it worked much better. Don't waste your time trying to find it, and don't waste your money on this. You can get better.
Rating: 1/2 Star

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