Monday, January 4, 2010

LUSH Soap Reviews

I'm fairly new to the LUSH world, but I have been excited to try out as much LUSH stuff as possible for over a year. I know, it doesn't seem long, but I spent so many days going to the website and staring at everything longingly. So now is the time where I can finally say that I've tried some! I just hopped out of the shower, and I can say that I am an eager one, because I used not one, not two, but THREE soaps in one sitting- err, standing. I tried Honey I Washed the Kids, Porridge and I Should Coco.

I am not disappointed in it's results.


Not as abrasive as everyone claims it. My skin is ultra sensitive, seeing as how I was born with Psoriasis. With that said, I only had a small sample of Porridge; One would think that if the soap was primarily nuts and oat or whatever, it wouldn't lather that well. I actually found it to be the exact opposite of what I'd expected. It lathered more than the other two soaps combined! For that, I have to say it is a must have! It exfoliated just enough, but had a nice and not so harsh feel to it.

I Should Coco:

Not exactly the best smell in the world, I can't even pinpoint what it smells like, but it grows on you! I don't smell any coconut at all, but maybe once I buy it directly from a LUSH store, it might be more pleasant. The coconut that came off as you rubbed it on your skin wasn't rough at all, like LUSH's website says, so that was good. I like the color of the top of it, and the feel isn't terrible. This lathered a little bit less than Porridge, unfortunately. I would say that if you like coconut and love feeling silky soft after you dry off, it is a Must-Have as well!

Honey I Washed The Kids:

This was probably another factor in my skin feeling silky soft, because it is the most soft-feeling soap I got today. This soap barely lathered up, I was disappointed to find, but the pay-off was great. Maybe next time I will spend more alone time with HIWTC, so I can find out whether HIWTC was the main factor in my skin feeling baby-butt-soft, or if it was Coco. Seeing as how HIWTC is always raved on, I'm sure this soap will definitely be on my list of soaps to re-buy. (I'm definitely going to buy all three from the store next time, to experience the smells better than this mini-haul.)

My suggestion:  buy all three if you have the cash, but if you want to save some money, Porridge and HIWTC are good enough together!

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