Saturday, January 2, 2010


I totally just realized that the only picture I have of myself in my entries is so fugly! So, for that, I welcome you to the wonderful year of 2010 with photos of me throughout the years. I shall only pick the decent (at least I hope...) ones. Check it out!

new me!

goofy me :P

Mississippi Me, with blue eyebrows!

showing off my old nosering and lovely lips! (I miss my nosering =(   )

Me and Eddie Izzard!!!!!!!

Gothic phase

ready for Prom!

I loved that lipgloss....

my old figure....from years before I had Regina.. *sobs* I miss it :(


 pregnant me

 My first tattoo!

My second tattoo, Irish Pride!!!!

Anywho.....I know that this is all so cluttery, but at least you can get a good idea on how I used to look and would constantly change my looks....Not always for the best ;)

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