Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Must Haves!

I look at a billion blogs a day, and I have seen many different products that everyone is going nuts over! Here are the select few that I would LOVE to try out myself:

Nars Illuminator:

It's a 1.1oz tube that you can get at Sephora for $29. I saw many people at the Golden Globes who wore it, including Christina Aguilera. You can even put it on your shoulder blades, neck, etc. Just use it in the right amounts!

The new Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden. This is supposed to be a more flesh-toned color, so you can use it even as a semi-concealer! You can purchase at Sephora for $18, it is in a 0.34oz tube.

I have tried the UDPP in Sin, and love it. I might not like the flesh-toned color...but you can't know until you try it. So check it out.

DKNY has a collection of LIMITED EDITION Candied Apple Fragrances. The green is Sweet Caramel, Red is Ripe Raspberry, and Purple is Juicy Berry. You can purchase them at Sephora for $55, and they come in a 1.7oz bottle. These sound delicious, but you can't eat them unless you don't like your teeth! ;)

Benefit has a new eye primer out called "Say, don't Stray.". I heard that it was a good formula, but sucky packaging. You have to be very careful not to squirt the pump too fast, or it might ooze out too much. You only need a tiny bit to make it work, so don't overdo it and you will be fine. I don't think I would want to spend my money on this, as I already adore my UDPP and am set in my ways, but this might be very good for travel! It is sold for $24 at Sephora.

The Clarisonic is a fantastic new way to cleanse your face in a much better way. I'm not sure of the exact price, but you can probably do a search for it on google. I heard that as long as you don't use it every single day, you will be good to go. Let your skin rest for a day or two in between, and you will be fine. 

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