Friday, January 8, 2010

Personal Blog

I'm so glad I decided to re-watch The big Kahuna......In any given Kevin Spacey movie, there is always some deeper meaning than the simple plotline. The discussions on religion and the way Danny DeVito tells the new guy that he is just as much of a marketing rep for steering a conversation with a potential client towards Jesus and such was SO undeniably true. You can have a personal relationship with Jesus/God, but the second that you walk out your door and start conversations with people about Jesus/God, you are essentially marketing something/someone. You asking someone about how they are feeling, their family, etc. is MUCH more personal, and MUCH more genuine. Try asking someone how their day is and get in depth about their life, instead of focusing on saving a person. You might just find that they are happy the way they are. Religion is a topic that you bring up way later down the line. Otherwise, you might just alienate the person, or look like you are looking down on them for their lack of religion. Try getting to know the person for who they are, not for how often they pray or go to church.


  1. A Kevin Spacey movie I actually haven't seen... I'll have to put it on my "movies to check out" list! :)

  2. Well Dustin....I will tell you all of the Spacey films I've seen and enjoyed:

    Consenting Adults
    The Ref (Which my brother got me for Xmas...but I already had it lol...)
    The Usual Suspects
    LA Confidential
    The Negotiator
    American Beauty
    Ordinary Decent Criminal
    Pay It Forward
    Austin Powers in Goldmember
    The United States of Leland
    The Life of David Gale
    Beyond the Sea
    Superman Returns
    Fred Claus

    Lol......yeah, I try to make sure to watch everything he is in.